Thursday, December 10, 2015

Star Wars 7 Alternate Poster

With only a week to go till it comes out, I thought Id have a crack at an alternate poster for Star Wars 7. Not the most genius idea in the world but it was fun drawing the lightsabre.

I also did a version using the Star Wars yellow/orange but prefer the first version.

I was telling a friend of mine about the first time I saw Star Wars and he thought it was funny so I thought I'd blog about it.

My parents are very religious people. What that meant was, they were very uneasy about films (and a whole bunch of other things), the message, the values, that sort of thing. Swearing, of course, was a big problem too. 

When it came to Star Wars they couldn't get their heads around it. Mostly I think it was about "What's this Force stuff? .. it doesn't sound very christian." - so we weren't allowed to see it.

Meanwhile all my mates at school were watching it 14 times, had all the toys and the rest of it. I was still into it, there's no way you couldn't be, but actually I had no idea what it was really all about.

After a full year of us trying to convince my parents to let us watch it, they finally started to soften. Friends of theirs had seen it and so had their kids. It's all a bit fantastical but it's not really a problem. So after a full year since it originally came out we were finally allowed to go see Star Wars. The problem was, it'd been out so long by then, it wasn't in cinemas anymore (and back then films stayed in cinemas for ages). The only place that was still showing it was the drive in.

So that's how I first saw Star Wars. In a station wagon, parents in the front seat, four kids in the backseat trying to look past their heads. All that effort that was put into the soundtrack and sound effects was all diminished down to a mono track, crackling speaker hanging from the front passenger seat window (!!) and I kid you not, it also started to rain! Not for the entire film but at certain parts we also had the windscreen wipers going while the screen was way off in the distance.

Not quite the cinema experience it was intended to be.


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