Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mad Max Fury Road Alternate Posters

Being a big fan of alternate posters, I of course wanted to try it for myself. For me, Mad Max Fury Road has been the standout film of the year. So visual, other-worldly, exciting. So many things not explained but if you think about it for a while it all makes sense. 

What I love about alternate posters is they're often minimalistic and stronger for it. Saul Bass is clearly an influence on a lot of them. They're striking and often have a good idea behind them or nutshell the film in a simple but strong image.  Olly Moss is very good at it, a great designer and I love his work. There are others as well.

Mine feel quite simple but I enjoyed doing them.  

A mate of mine had a look at them and while he said he liked them he thought the Furiosa one was the weakest link. Also I realized she really should have her prosthetic arm included since it's such a distinguishing feature of hers. 

I had another attempt and while I like the result it doesn't sit as well with the first ones. It's a bit like a cousin to to the others. Anyway, it's just for fun.

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