Live Caricature

Live caricature drawing in Hong Kong

If you are about to have an event, party, kid's party, launch, maybe even a junk trip and you'd like to have a caricaturist on board to entertain your guests and have them leave with a great (and hopefully not too insulting) souvenir then click the link here to casesfaces to find out more information and get in contact.

There are plenty of examples and photos of happy customers (actually, it's usually the friends of the person being drawn that have more fun, but I try not to be too cruel .. or only cruel if I think the person can take it).

Also there's an option for commissioned caricatures 

Prices for live caricature drawing are $HK4000 for the first 3 hours and $HK1000 for every hour after that.

Commissions are $HK2000 a piece.

Examples of 5 minute sketches 

Examples of commissioned caricatures (we can also add themes, situations, props and/or logos

We also do digital versions at events using Photoshop and Qintiq if that's your preference

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