Saturday, March 7, 2015

New biz card

I figure a good place to restart this blog is with my new biz card. I'm very happy with it. First of all it was designed by my wife Cat so people that like to give me shit about stuff can't really do it because they'll be criticising her not me.

Also I like the colours - and that the design is nice and clean and strait to the point.

Most of all I like the joke and it makes it very locally HK. In HK when you give someone your biz card (or credit card, lai see, sometimes money) you always hold it in two hands with the thumbs on top as you hand it over. The person receiving it will, in turn, take the card with two hands much the same way and then they'll always look at it and clock the information on it 's (it's considered polite). 

So the markings at the top of the card are deliberate - and yes, they're my actual thumb prints! We stamped them, then scanned them in.


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