Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Illustrations 5

Some illustrations from 2011

Foreign Aid.

Dissident's kids. The struggles that children of detained mainland dissidents face.

Dissident Lawyers. The broken justice system on the mainland.

Cowboy doctors. I'd already used the cowboy idea for renovators, this time i used it for 'cowboy' doctors. I was really annoyed with myself with this one because i always intended to include spurs and it wasn't until I was on the MTR on my way back home that I realised I'd forgotten them. It still works, I think, but the spurs wld've been a nice touch. Damn.

Green cars. Or more to the point, the failure of the green car initiative - thus the green car/leaves turning into autumn/dead leaves. 
I was annoyed by this job. The idea was that the aging leaves were blowing off the tree and cld be randomly be scattered around the page. A designer's dream, right? Instead, the designer first had them falling in a row down the gap in the text .. very un-fluid. I tried to explain what the intention was and he made a few minor adjustments but this was the final result. 
He even said to me, 'are you taking the piss?' because I was trying to explain how the page cld be. Am I taking the piss? How about you taking the piss. Not getting it, not listening, not seeing the opportunity. This is a simple idea, reasonably executed, but can be really well designed - instead we get this.
Lose the bubble and the quote, put in a few more falling 'leaves' organically and you have a winner. Epic fail.

Yin Yang. Focus piece on work/life balance - actually, work/life imbalance.

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