Monday, July 25, 2016

Si Yajie and Sod's Law

At the moment I'm working on a poster for the Rio Olympics. 

It was going to be caricatures of the top 14 gold medal contenders but they decided to cut it back to 10. While I was waiting for them to cut back the list, I thought I'd make a start. Since this is HK, I figured it'd be safe to do the Chinese athletes. Of course I was wrong and the one's I started on were dropped. 

Annoying, because I lost the jump on the job I was hoping for (which for some reason is a rush job. I guess the Olympics are like the Spanish Inquisition .. "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition" .. except the Olympic Games happen every four years and have done so since 1896). More annoying tho is that the ones I started on were kind of working out. This one of Si Yajie, for example, is just the early stages but I'm happy with the look and feel of it. Ithink it would've turned out pretty well and I'm a bit bummed she won't be in the poster (I might finish her off just for the hell of it when I finish the rest).

I hope she wins tons of gold medals and becomes the darling of the Rio Games (and they want to commission a commemorative caricature poster of her).

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